What can you gain from my fifty years experience in Advertising and Marketing?
Here’s a list. I can:

  • Offer marketing consultation for your company and coach you and/or your people.
  • Help plan and set goals for marketing campaigns.
  • Offer creative direction.
  • Write advertising copy.
  • Call on a network of professionals when subcontract work is needed for social media, public relations, websites and Internet marketing.
  • Help you select the right ad agency for your needs.
  • Help marketers reach seniors (after all, I am one).

So, why would you contact me?

If you have a one-person marketing department in need of a second pair of eyes and a bit more experience. I can help.

If you have a single project ranging from brand development to a direct mail campaign to a brochure, my experience in creative direction, copywriting and network of professionals can be of value.

If you’re an agency creative director in need of a temporary copywriter, I can fill in.

If you’re an owner, doing your own marketing and in need of someone to manage marketing while you manage your company I can help.

Interested? Let’s Talk.

Call me at: 313.378.4884 or E-Mail me at: